Saftey & Security

You’re awesome. The person next to you is awesome. We’re all awesome, and we want us all to have an awesome time. Awesome?

Unfortunately, that means that we have to say no to a few things.

  • Harassment & violence: Everyone has a right to a safe environment. Violence and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. There's really nothing funny about this one.

  • Over-consumption of alcohol: All bartenders are Smart Serve certified. It is against the Ontario liquor laws to serve to the point of intoxication or to serve an intoxicated person and our bartenders are supported by the organizers in making decisions in accordance with the Ontario Liquor License Act and Smart Serve regulations.

  • Drinking and driving: Do not drink and drive. Attendees can camp, carpool, taxi, or plan ahead. Talk to a volunteer if you need help getting a safe ride home. Anyone suspected of drunk driving will be reported immediately to the Waterloo Regional Police.

  • Cannabis & other illicit drugs: Sorry folks, the times may be a-changing but we aren't there yet. No recreational cannabis or illicit drugs are to be consumed at the festival.

  • Fire: Only the designated Hold the Line Fire Keeper may start or manage the fire pit. Leave your fire-poking sticks safe at home.

  • Fireworks & weapons: Fireworks, explosives, and weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited. Only explosive laughter is allowed.