Our 2019 Festival is Cancelled

We're sorry to have to announce that the Hold the Line festival is cancelled this year.

We hit an obstacle that we were unable to overcome despite some hard work from a great team. We take our party planning seriously and don't want to throw a festival that isn't top notch.

While this year's fest is no longer on, we're already setting our sights on 2020 and hope you're all looking forward to it with us!

In the meantime, we will continue to focus on our mandate. Keep an eye on our social media for updates on the Countryside Line and upcoming municipal reviews! We will keep supporting the work of other organisations in our Region and beyond - so keep an eye on us online and at events throughout WR!

A strong Countryside Line means thriving farms, vibrant cities, and the protection of the aquifers that provide our drinking water.


We did it! Bill 66 no longer threatens the countryside line

Waterloo Region municipalities and the Ontario Government heard us loud and clear. After all 8 municipal councils in Waterloo Region voted to oppose Bill 66’s Planning Act exemptions, the Ontario Government has decided it will not move forward with Schedule 10 of the bill.

Dozens of Waterloo Region-based labour, health, environmental, and agricultural groups came together when the Bill was introduced in December. Hundreds of citizens have since raised their voices to protect drinking water, farm land, continued smart growth, and meaningful public participation.

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