The Ride

The Routes

Waterloo Region’s Countryside Line is actually made up of six different growth boundaries. On Saturday, September 8th, we will celebrate two of these lines with friendly non-competitive rides.

Not because these are the best two - we love them all equally, as though they were all our darling hypothetical Line Holding children. But mostly because organising six separate rides would be triple the paperwork.

Each ride is, in its own way, a journey hugging a unique part of Waterloo Region's growth boundary. You'll zip past farm fields, residential neighbourhoods, commercial and business districts – all the diverse places that make this community home.


The KWC Line - 126.4km

The KWC route leaves Fertile Ground Farm and heads south along Waterloo and Kitchener’s western border before cutting south-east across the Grand River and around the southern tip of old Galt in Cambridge. The route then continues north past Puslinch Lake and Hespeler, and along the north end of Waterloo. It finally cuts east to end back at Fertile Ground Farm. This route is on paved roads. View the Strava Map.

The Wellesley Line - 32.6km

For a medium-distance ride, head west to loop around Wellesley's countryside line before following the Nith River south-east. This route begins and ends at Fertile Ground Farm. This route is on paved roads. View the Strava Map.

The Perks

All cyclists will have access to a few perks. You've earned it. 

  1. Pre- and post- ride tuneups: Bike mechanics will be on site to offer complimentary basic tuneups.

  2. Snack / Drink Station (KWC Line only): At the mid-point of your ride you will be greeted by a Hold the Line volunteer who will be waiting with bars, fruits, gels, and drinks. 

  3. Rescue van: If you have a mechanical challenge (ex. flat tire) or a distance challenge (135km is long!) just call on our rescue van. We will either make the quick adjustment required to get you back on the road or bring you back to the festival for a cold drink and musical merriment.

  4. Secure bike parking: Have the peace of mind that your two wheeled companion will be ready to go when you are!

  5. Camp shower station: It ain’t pretty but it feels so good! Camp shower stations will be awaiting all you hard-pedaling cyclists as you arrive back at the festival grounds. Get yourself back to a shiny state before joining us on the dance floor!