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The Region of Waterloo’s Countryside Line is a boundary that protects the cultural, economic, and environmental heritage of our rural lands from the pressures of urban sprawl.

It protects the distinctiveness of rural communities at a time when other cities in Ontario are annexing rural areas for suburban expansion. 

The Line supports farmers who grow our food, protects the underground aquifers that give us clean drinking water, and supports the recreational areas we enjoy.

Since the Countryside Line was created in 2003, it has pushed us be smarter with our urban development. Waterloo Region is now a place that is growing up, instead of growing out, and other communities are taking notice of our leadership. 

But we can't take this progress for granted. Development pressure threatens to weaken the Countryside Line and pave over farms, forests and wetlands, putting our shared resources at risk. It takes all of us to remind our decision-makers that the Line should be celebrated and strengthened for future generations. It will take all of us to Hold The Line.

Join the Movement

We are asking for your email and phone number. We promise to:

  1. Never give, sell, or trade your information to third parties. Not even for jade eggs or superpowers.
  2. Only reach out by text or phone if there is a direct threat to the Line or an opportunity to enhance it. Email will be used sparingly for event invites, general information, and calls to action. 
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